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Searching For Effective Acne Remedies

Throughout the years, a variety of processes have been invented to combat the spread of acne on our skin and preserve our aesthetic integrity against unwanted disorders. This led to the preponderance of acne remedies available for us today. Indeed, acne remedies come in abundance. There are those that are applied by professionals, and there are those that can be carried out by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The important thing to determine before considering what acne remedies to use is the severity of your acne problems. Basically, these come in extremes. There are those light cases of acne, like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. And there are those severe cases of acne which become manifest through redness, cysts and lumps, often clustered together in groups.

Acne remedies for slight cases are easier to procure. There are quite a number of over-the-counter products that can be bought in most cosmetic and pharmaceutical stores. Some of them efficiently destroys harmful bacteria that, when added to oil, would cause acne. Examples of these acne remedies are Stridex and Oxy-Work. These come in cream form, and all you have to do is to apply them on your skin in their recommended dosages. Some of these acne remedies, however, can trigger allergies, so it is critical to choose the hypoallergenic ones, or determine your known allergies first and make sure that the products you're eyeing don't contain triggers for the same.

Professional treatment for slight cases of acne includes chemical skin peeling and cyst-draining. These acne remedies sound painful, don't they? But fear not, as the pain is minimal, comparable to an ant's bite in most cases. Chemical skin peeling involves the application of counter-action chemicals to burn the acne-infested layer. Cyst-draining involves the actual draining of the mucus inside the acne through the use of specialized needles.

Acne remedies for severe cases are usually through the intake of resinoids of synthetic Vitamin A. Resinoids come in either cream-form or pills. These types of acne remedies slow down the skin's production of oil, hence effectively curtailing the breakout of acne. Effects last to as long as 6 months, which would justify the rather hefty price tag attached to them.

Of all the acne remedies, laser treatment is perhaps the most recent, and as many claim, the most effective. It involves the use of - yes - laser to burn acne, and the use of a special red light to stimulate the skin's production of collagen which in turn would heal the scars faster. In the past months, laser treatment home kits have been introduced in the market. Sadly, despite the efficiency of this acne remedy, it remains inaccessible to most folks because of the steep price attached to it.

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