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Dealing With Adult Acne

Puberty holds a lot of memories, both good and bad. It's that time when the pleasures of youth and the responsibilities of adulthood meet a certain crossroad where choices are expected to be made. Some decisions turn out for the better. Some decisions lead us spiraling down the wrong path. But lessons are learned and a better tomorrow is always forged by the things we experience. It's just quite unfortunate that some of us cannot leave some aspects of those teenaged years behind. Acne included. Indeed, adult acne is quite prevalent in certain individuals who may have thought that the possibilities of such have been abandoned as they have entered a more mature phase in their lives.

Adult acne, however, is as harmless as the acne problems of our youth. But the fact that we deal with more people, in a more mature level, once we enter adulthood makes us more conscious about our appearances. Hence, adult acne can become quite a problem.

Adult acne can be traced back to two possible causes: genetics and lack of skin care. Indeed, some of us have inherited our lineages' skin disorders, heavy oil buildup included. Accumulation of oil is the number one factor that results in acne, after all. Adult acne is more prevalent in people who come from families that exhibit oily skin.

The other possible cause of adult acne is lack of skin care. Though oil buildup slows down once our teenaged years have passed us by, oil still manages to accumulate if we do not clean our faces. Adults live a more active lifestyle, and if proper grooming necessities are neglected, the dirt that gathers on our faces would be left and devoured by our skin pours, resulting in blockage that would cause acne breakout, or worse, skin infection.

Knowing these causes of adult acne would lead us to some effective solutions.

- Clean your face regularly, especially when you come home from the outside world. Wash your face with warm water to open up the pores, soap it well, and rinse thoroughly.

- Avoid using antioxidants because this would dry up your skin and cause other problems that may be worse than adult acne.

- Consider using cleaning creams or liquids, but make sure that they include ingredients that may prove harmful to you. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to these ingredients. There are many cleaning creams or liquids available in the market, and most of them are especially designed to treat adult acne.

Adult acne, much like ordinary acne, can be treated. So don't allow a bout with this kind of disorder ruin your day. Your self-esteem should be anchored on who you are and what you have made of yourself, and not in the absence of adult acne or other skin problems.

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